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Hey, I’m Saugat Rimal!

A frontend and design enthusiast who enjoys open source technology and builds accessible, human-centered products.

- Introduction

Hello Everyone , I am a Frontend Developer as well as a WordPress Developer who has designed a number of websites and web applications including chrome extensions.

I've worked with companies like an Danfe Creative, Hyburtech, Swivt Technologies and able to gain professional skills on variety of different languages, platforms, frameworks, and CMS. My professional experience includes but is not limited to Wordpress, HTML5, CSS3, and ES6.

I've been in the field for 4 years as a WordPress Developer and 1 year as a Frontend Developer (self-taught).

- Experienced with the company

Oct 2021 - Present · 1 yr 3 mos

I got an offer from a software company based in Hong Kong(Swivt Technologies) as a wordpress developer where i worked with multi-disciplinary teams of engineers & designers and write modern, performant, maintainable code for a diverse array of multinational client and internal projects.

May 2021 - Oct 2021 · 6 mos

I worked with an Indian start-up(Hyburtech) as a wordpress developer and I've also learned about SEO and Digital Marketing Strategies.

Apr 2020 - Dec 2020 · 9 mos

During my learning days, I worked with an digital agency (Danfe Creative) as a web developer mostly used CMS like Wordpress, Woocommerce, Ghost.

- Knowledge of Technologies?

To be honest, I enjoy coding and design, and it has been my passion for the past four years. It was difficult during my learning days to understand and play with programming logic, but with time, I eventually gained experience with these things.

Here is the technology that I am familiar with.

Web Design & Development

Html, CSS, Tailwind, Js, Wordpress, Ghost, Learning on React.Js & Next.Js, Little about Graphql, Able to create chrome extension.

Languages & Tools

JS, C++, C, Linux, Git & Github, Vercel, Netlify


Basic Video Animation, Little Dev Knowledge on SEO, Able to make marketing strategy for business.

Have you thought of a project yet?

- Things that I’ve Created:

I enjoy building accessible, human-centered products. Some of the products that i’ve built are listed down here.

- Get In Touch

I'm always looking for any new opportunities, If you think we could create something together!! My inbox is always open so feel free to drop me a message.